Precinct Delegate FAQ

The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important and least understood of any elected office. They are the direction setters for the Republican Party.

Precinct delegates are elected directly by the voters of each precinct during a primary election to serve as a bridge and representative between neighborhood voters and the Republican Party.


What is a Precinct?

The first step in understanding the roles and responsibilities of a Precinct Delegate is defining a precinct. The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country and all voters in a precinct vote at one location. It is your neighborhood. The precinct is where elections are won and lost. Each neighborhood (precinct) has an allotted number of precinct delegates based on past party voting strength.

What does a Precinct Delegate Do?

Precinct Delegates attend the county convention held sometime in August or September of the Election Year. County conventions elect Precinct Delegates to the state convention (usually scheduled for sometime in September). County conventions may also debate or adopt resolutions for recommendations to the state convention’s platform committee.

After Election Day, late in the year and/or early the following year, Precinct Delegates will convene in the county conventions to elect Executive Committees and Officers to serve through the following election. Only Precinct Delegates can serve on Executive Committee or as Officers. There they will also elect delegates to the February state convention where new state party officers and a new state central committee will be chosen to serve through the next two years.

Precinct Delegates are the boots on the ground for the Republican Party. Active Precinct Delegates help people get registered to vote, take information on issues and candidates to the voters in their precinct, identify others interested in the Republican Party and recruit new members. They help turn out Republican Party’s vote in their neighborhood on Election Day. Precinct Delegates also keep Republican Party leaders informed about the issues that concern voters.

Why become a Precinct Delegate?

In addition to having a voice in the local district or county Republican Party, Precinct Delegates have the opportunity to become delegates to state conventions. If you are not a Precinct Delegate, you have never had the opportunity to:

  • debate and adopt a state platform
  • vote on new state party officers and a new state central committee to serve through the next two years.
  • nominate candidates for Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justices, State Board or Education & university boards, and presidential electors.

How to Become a Precinct Delegate

  1. Confirm your precinct number. You may do this online by clicking here and filling out the form.
  2. Download, print, and fill out your Affidavit of Identity. Be sure to not sign it until you are with a Notary Public.
  3. File your Affidavit of Identity with your county clerk no later than 4:00pm, on the twelfth Tuesday prior to the August Primary. Your Affidavit of Identity must be notarized. 
  4. Contact your neighbors, friends and family that reside in your precinct and ask for their support. Primary election day is the second Tuesday in August and your name will be on the ballot.
  5. Remember to vote!
  6. Get involved in your local party immediately. Keep the party informed about what your neighbors are talking about and keep your neighbors informed about what elected party members are doing for them.