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Legislation Report

CTA = Call To Action
CTA-MS = Call To Action Michigan Senator
CTA-MH = Call to Action Michigan House of Representative
CTA-US = Call To Action US Senator
CTA-UH = Call To Action US House of Representative

As of March 5, 2024
MI House Bills 4410 to 5546
MI Senate Bills 0001 to 0790
298 Joint Resolutions Introduced = potential Michigan Constitution amendments
332 new Public Acts in 2023-2024 reported on State legislature. website as of March 3, 2024
 Please be advised that this list may be incomplete due to the significant number of proposed bills
For details on Michigan bills go to:
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An "X" in the House or Senate Column indicates the bill has been passed in that chamber  
Bill No. Bill Description House Senate
SB0741 Requires all schools to participate in an interlibrary loan system which no mention to include restrictions on pornography or any other material that would be deemed inappropriate for school -age children.
SB0707 Fining a person not more than $1,000 for each violation of intentionally makes a false statement or misrepresentation concerning; the time, place, or manner of an election, qualifications for or restriction on voter eligibility, criminal penalties associated with voting in an election, an individual voter's registration status or eligibility.
SB0704 Deposits not less than10% of the total of the amounts deposited in the solid waste account to be used by MSU for research, training, support professional development, etc.,
SB0686 Creates a new act to require certain manufactures of certain digital products to make diagnostics maintenance, repair, parts tools, and documentation available to independent repair providers and owners of the equipment.
SB0681 Creates "Death with Dignity Act" allows for the assisted suicide by medication. of a terminal ill person, who has a disease that would result in death within six months. Tie Bar with SB0680 and SB0678
SB0603 Amends sections of PA116 of 1954, recount petitions must be filled within 48 hours instead of 6 days. increases the fees for a recount petition, modifies the recount process.
SB0604 Tie bar with SB0603, removes "misconduct of election employees in recount, or county and local" adds Individuals interfering with a recount or activities relating to recount. Max of 5 years
SB0601 Allows for the criminal charges to be brought against a person who has made another person feel threaten, terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed or fearful Tie Bar with SB0600. (During Covid, some people felt frighten or terrorized if you were not wearing a mask, a person rights should never be taken away because of another person's feelings)
SB0606 Tie Bar with SB0605 and SB0607, cleanup criteria and target detection limits developed by Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy instead of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
SB0661 Amends Truth in renting act to force landlords to pay for lawn maintenance and snow removal, pest and vermin control, cooking appliances or a refrigerator. Etc.
SB0632 Amends sec. 33 of 2005 PA 244 payday lending to grant annual percentage rate not to exceed 36%  (too high)
SB0604 Removes "misconduct of election employee in recount" with Individual interfering with a recount or activities relating to a recount.
SB0603 Recount petition must be filed within 48 hours instead of six days, increases the fees for a recount process. The good part is setting automatic recounts if the votes are within a certain range.
SB0601 Tie bar SB600 enhances ethnic intimidation, threatening, word or act against race, color religion, gender etc.., 
SB0593 Same asHB4949 creates abortion bill repeals legal birth definition act and legal personhood. repeals PA 360 of 2002, repeals abortion insurance opt-out act. X
SB0586 Tie Bar with SB0587 allows wind and solar or energy storage facilities between 50 to 100 megawatts to apply to the MPSC preempts local authority (Same as HB5122 and HB5123)
SB0585 Tie Bar with SB0588, allows wind, solar, or energy storage facilities that has 100 megawatts to apply with the MPSC and preempts local regulations and authority same as HB5120 and HB5121
SB0568 By 9-30-27 revoke teaching programs that prepares individual to serve as Pre K-12 certificated special ed
SB0544 Establish a refrigeration facility for dead bodies. The facility can be used to practice mortuary science Tie Bar with SB0545
SB0538 University receiving appropriation in section 236 shall have all students received the resident tuition rates 
SB0535 Recess is considered to be pupil instruction time as provided under section 101
SB0534 Changed 1979 PA 94 to include that recess is considered to be pupil instruction time
SB0593 Creates abortion act, prohibits a government entity from regulating abortions at any stage, repeals partial-birth abortion ban, repeals abortion insurance opt-out act.   X
SB0551 Enacts a water shutoff protection act
SB0550 Creates the water rate affordability fund.  
SB0549 Creates the water rate affordability program. 
SB0496 Bonus payments to certain State emp., powers/duties of certain state/local officers & entities
SB0490 Mobile Homes: requires written leases
SB0489 Mobile Homes: modifies Mobile Home Commission Act. Tie Bar with SB0486, 0490, 0488, 0489
SB0488 Mobile Homes: Procedure for declaring abandoned
SB0487 Mobile Homes: modifies Mobile Home Commission Act. Tie Bar with SB0486, 0490, 0488, 0489
SB0486 Mobile Homes : Increases bureaucracy and fees on mobile home parks
SB0485 Requires Medicaid to comply with upper payment limits   X
SB0484 Requires Insurance Co. doing business in MI to comply with upper payment limits   X
SB0483 Creates the prescription Drug Affordability Board & Council appointed by the governor   X
SB0475 Tie Bar with SB0474 removes sentencing guidelines to reflect repeals of SB0474   X
SB0472 Sentencing guideline Tie Bar SB0471 (0471 includes "harass" with telecommunication service) X
SB0461 Provide MOBILE operators or chauffeurs license
SB0460 Provide MOBILE enhanced driver license or MOBILE enhanced official state personal id card
SB0459 Provide MOBILE official state personal identification card Tie Bar with SB0460 & SB0461
SB0453 Significantly expands the beverage container bottle deposit and revenue distribution
SB0451 Provides regulation for a contractor to pay subcontractor and supplier in a regulated amount of time
SB0447 Corporate income tax credit for use of sustainable aviation fuel
SB0439 Film and media industry corporation income tax credit - administration of Tie - Bar with SB0438
SB0438 Restore corporate income tax credits for film and media incentive  
SB0403 Local governments must provide language assistance if 100 - 600 voters or 2.5% need assistance
SB0402 Creates a database of all data of an election and population, administered by a universities or  SOS
SB0401 Creates new act allows for alternative methods of elections, or re-districting if protected voter cannot vote their choice, provides grants to community-based organizations for: get-out-the vote, registration drives , etc. Tie Bar with SB0402 and SB0403
SB0398 Authorizes DEGLE to issue emergency orders to owner of bottomland to remove a structure or fill 
SB0389 Regulation for escheating unclaimed property of military personnel, modifying the dormancy period X
SB0388 Regulation on designation of inactive accounts at credit unions   X
SB0387 Modifies the laws for absentee voting and early voting
SB0383 Requires state agencies to create and implement a language access plan for non English persons X
SB0366 Significantly increases fines for natural gas violations    
SB0353 Expands welfare by way of the Michigan energy assistance act  
SB0350 Amends sec 3 of 2008 PA 549 to provide on-campus room and board expenses in a promise zone  X
SB0349 Defines conversion therapy as informing a minor that their sex is based on their biological sex
SB0348 Prohibits conversion therapy of a minor (as Conversion therapy define extremely confusing)  
SB0338 Election of a county executive in a charter county
SB0295 Presidential candidate being elected by having the largest national popular vote.
SB0177 Uniformed service members voting absentee ballot can be received up to 6 days after the election.
SB0126 Agreement among the states to elect the President by national popular vote.
HB5518 Repeals 1879 PA 154 (MCL 45.421) and repeals 1947 PA 261 (MCL 45.451 - 45.457) law governing the pay of county officials having a population of 1 million or more. Also, involves the county officers record book and accounting forms for uniform system of accounts; audit of accounts rules and regulation of board of county auditors for deposit and disbursement of funds; duties of county treasurer.
HB5461 Creates a new act that provides certain nonpublic employees to participate in a state-run retirement program. The seven-member board has four members appointed by the governor.
HB5459 Creates appropriations of 13 million in back door grants. (No more taxes, no more grants, and no more increased government bureaucracy)
HB5450 Require school districts to instruct the student and parents on the safe storage of firearm. TIE BAR HB5451
HB5438 Creates a new act short-term rental regulation act: regulates, taxes, and tracks short term rentals. Requiring 1 million in liability insurance or belong to a hosting platform that does, emergency contact within 30 miles of the rental. etc.., TIE BAR with HB5437, HB5439->HB5446. Companion bills in the Senate
HB5435 Requires health insurers to cover pharmacist prescribing hormonal contraceptives regardless of the age of the person receiving the contraceptives TIE BAR with HB5436
HB5400 Hate crime in includes "stalks another individual" - stalks as define in 411h, as conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested etc. TIE BAR with HB5401
HB5353 Entirely repeals 1979 PA101 and replaces it with HB5353 which does not include a review board that allows local government to appeal a decision made by the legislative body, removes section 5(4), which is a safety net for local government.
HB5349 Establishes Federal control over advanced air mobility or vertiport by passing local control Tie Bar with HB5332
HB5343 Amends insurance code 1956 PA218 insurance providers to license a mental health provider within time constraints, expands the definition of a mental health or substance use disorder provider to include a physician, psychologist licensed bachelor social worker etc.., (under 2023 PA 83 a physician can file an extreme risk protection order)
HB5336 Creates new act using certain factors for affordable housing one which is no more than 30% of their income for gross housing cost. The national average is 31% spend over 30% of their income on housing.
HB5302 State identification cards to indicate sex designation as "M", "F", or "X".
HB5301 Provides for adding the sex designation on a driver license - operator's or chauffeur's license to indicate "M", "F", or "X",
HB5300 Name Change Act modified to eliminate mandatory finger prints to determine if the name change is for fraud
HB5291 Prohibits concealed pistols in the State Capitol Building, House and Senate Office Buildings
HB5288 Hate crime bill similar to HB4474 - but it acknowledges the right to free speech Tie Bar with 5289
HB5284 Tie Bar 5283 appropriate money to Department Health & Human Services for health information exchange
HB5283 Establishes a health data utility that unified health care records, increases the connection of health providers
HB5281 Prohibits the licensing and hiring of law enforcement officers if they were involved in a hate group within seven years Tie Bar HB5282. (support as long as MAGA is not considered a hate group.
HB5276 Tie Bar with HB5277 -> HB5279, Creates the office of mental health and suicide prevention for veteran. The office shall collect data on veteran mental health and substance abuse , including, but not limited to, statistics related to post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse and addiction, and suicide. (Could this be used to disarm the veteran in the light of the red flag laws?)
HB5270 Grape & wine council established, 10 person appointed by the governor, recommended by others   
HB5242 Tie Bar with HB5245 & HB5247  cleanup criteria and target detection limits developed by Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy instead of the United States Environmental Protection Agency  
HB5239 Relocation assistance paid to the tenant by the landlord 3 months worth of rent if the building is dangerous
HB5237 Provide legal services to income-eligible individual tenants or landlords  
HB5235 Requirement to accept and screen application first-come first served if all qualify  
HB5222 3rd party audits of the existing electric utility infrastructure and emergency preparedness  
HB5220 Establish resiliency hubs in local municipalities by Emergency management and Homeland Security 
HB5218 New act forms sent to US Energy Information Admin for local consumption of energy; refinery report  
HB5217 Amend 1939 PA 3 Develop program for eligible fixed income households regarding utility payments, shut-off notices; The bill would also add eligible person with a disability customers to provisions concerning service rates for different customer classes. Tie Bar with HB5216, HB2219, HB5220, HB2221, HB2222. In the event that additional resources were required, the MPSC is financed primarily by public utility assessments levied on the utilities, so any additional incurred costs would likely be factored into the assessment and sufficiently mitigated  
HB5205 Amends 3103 of 1004 PA 451 to allow Department of Environment, great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to promulgating rules that are not authorized in the statute
HB5180 Adding agricultural processing to a qualified commercial activity
HB5179  Health: access to sterile needles provided for
HB5174 Instruction in organ or tissue donation required in education curriculum includes grade 9
HB5157 Tie Bar HB5158->HB5162creates a database of mobile home parks or seasonal mobile home parks; the fees for owning a mobile or seasonal home park greatly increases; adopting methods of declaring a mobile home abandoned; regulates the sale of a mobile home park.
HB5152 Tie Bar HB5153 second amendment restriction: can not use, transport, purchase, carry, ship, receive, distribute a firearm or ammunition if convicted of domestic violence or have a felony
HB5150 SOS may destroy certain traffic violations after five years
HB5131 Redistricting court of appeals creating district 5 in which the top two judges would have a ten yr. term
HB5118 Establish a property assessed clean energy program, assessment places a lien on property HB5119
HB5108 Allows the commercial take of some game fish, many stocked using funds from recreational anglers
HB5104 Tie Bar 5105->5107 creates Michigan 360 programs; redistributes tax funds to businesses that share certain ideology with the intent to help communities and grow businesses in Michigan
HB5099 MSF to create and operate a research and development tax credit Tie bar HB5100 -> HB5102,
HB5098 Create dyslexia resource guide advisory committee X
HB5096 MI Strategic Fund instead of State Admin Board approve the designations of Renaissance zones X
HB5094 New Act streamlined state permit act - each state department must submit a report to the  governor about all types of permits and terms of the permits
HB5083 New Act air pollution and low-carbon reduced by 35% by 2035 using "lock down" 2019 as baseline
HB5081 Tie Bar HB5082 allows recess time to be counted as instructional time
HB5063 Tie Bar HB5064 allows students to be treated with marihuana infused products and CBD during school
HB5061 Creates new commission appointed by governor to replace commission repealed in HB5060
HB5060 Repeal 1981 PA 230 MCL 400.1101 - .1119  
HB5053 Allows for a petition signed by 10% of more, can place on the ballot; asking should village officer term to be limited to a maximum of 8 years amends 1895 PA 3
HB5052 Distribute $30,000 to each county prosecutor's office for ongoing prosecutorial expenses
HB5047 Governor appointed board of 14 within DHHS initiate complaints against guardian and conservators
HB5042 Modify medical examiners to include pathologist to complete the certification of death X
HB5029 Tie Bar 5033 amends 1945 PA200 exempts MSHDA land use restrictions from act provision (S)
HB5028 Prohibits Homeowners Assoc. from blocking energy-saving improvements ( gov't overreach) X
HB5026 Community & Worker Eco Transition Act creates committee to implement transition plan
HB5014 Police need blue belt or higher in Brazilian jiu-jitsu or equivalent training in 2027 4 hrs. grappling
HB4992 Amends laws to allow Department of Treasury to collect city taxes for a city    X
HB4979 Amends law to allow State Tax Commission to appoint an assessor under certain conditions X
HB4974 Repeals laws that protect the rights of faith based child placing agency to uphold their beliefs
HB4970 Tie Bar with HB4966 Adds LVTs to the Income Tax Act of 1967
HB4969 Tie Bar to HB4966 amends the neighborhood enterprise Zone Act if a LVTs was  in affect
HB4968 Tie Bar HB4966 Amends Tax Reverted Clean Title Act to include LVTs
HB4967   Tie Bar with HB4966; adds Land Value Tax to the general property tax act
HB4966 Land Tax Equity Act, must be voted in,  vacant land to be taxed at a higher rate than homes
HB4961 Creates a task force to educate on climate change, energy sources, healthy lifestyles
HB4959 Allows Medicaid to cover abortion Tie Bar to HB4958
HB4958 Repeals MCL400.109a, MCL400.109d, and MCL400.109e allows public funds to fund abortions, Tie Bar with HB4949 and HB4959
HB4957 Allows institution of higher education to provide referrals for abortion services Tie Bar HB4949
HB4952 Redefines the term abortion in the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act" Tie Bar to HB 4950 
HB4950 Repeals MCL333.2856, MCL333.2836 requirements for disposing of baby remains, repeals MCL333.2837 reporting of injuries during abortions, repeals MCL333.17014 & .17015 24 hour waiting period, repeals clinic licensing regulations & a physical exam before drugs
HB4947 Allows local government to control the amount of rent charged
HB4939 Delegate authority to manage natural resources from Legislators to others to revised rules 
HB4921 Creates automatic speed limits enforcement in school zones for 10 over, $150 fine
HB4919 Creates a homeless bill of rights, right to vote, right to move freely in public places, sidewalks, parks
HB4907 Restore corporate income tax credits for film and media incentives     Tie-bar with HB4908
HB4900 Allows garnishment for child support, but exempt other garnishments such as unemployment, federal earned income tax credit, disability benefits, workers compensation
HB4888 Amends to mobile home commission act - An unlicensed owner of a mobile home park must apply for a license within the 30 days of notice or face a fine of not more than 100,000.
HB4886 Establishes the procedure for a mobile home park to acquire an abandoned mobile home liens free if the lien holder does not remove the mobile home within 30 days
HB4878 A landlord cannot do a criminal background check on potential tenants
HB4838 Prohibits a pet shop from selling or adopting, a dog, cat or rabbit effective July 1, 2025  
HB4832 Requires an owner of bottomland to remove a structure or fill if deemed an emergency by state
HB4818 Prohibits a landlord from using a tenant's credit score as a deciding factor for lease eligibility
HB4760 Public Service Commission mandate tie Bar HB4759, HB4761
HB4759 Renewable energy standards increases, estab a carbon-free energy 60% by 2030, 100% BY 2035
HB4756 Creates election day voting centers (removed from the clerks office) if the city or township has processed 500 or more election day voter's registration in either or both November elections X
HB4755 Removes election felony for disclosing election result or how a ballot voted
HB4701 Voters who submit an AV ballot application once then\ have the right to AV ballots in the future X
HB4688 Including minimum staffing levels to collecting bargaining of public employees
HB4594 Creates an absentee voter ballot application and tracking system
HB4534 Requires MI Dept of corrections to provide prisoners info on voter registration and election process
HB4528 Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) prohibits local regulation of sand and gravel mining and trucking, Tie Bar HB4527 and HB4526
HB4479 Regulate the sewage and on site wastewater treatment systems 
HB4475 Sentencing  increased for intimidating/harassing protected class (gender identity or expression) X
HB4474 Expands intimidation or harass based on actual or perceived characteristics including gender identity or expression X
HB4440 Agreement among States to elect the President by national popular vote Amends MCL168.42
HB4411 Allow anyone to obtain a State ID regardless of citizenship or legal presence in US
HB4410 Allow anyone to obtain a driver license regardless of citizenship or legal presence in US
HB4390 Penalties and remedies for misclassification of an independent contractors
HB4350 Matching state grants program for certain local millages in eligible municipality create new act
HB4217 Require to be chosen from each congressional district. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4216
HB4216 One presidential elector chosen from each 3 congressional district & 2 shall be chosen at large.
HB4210 Amend to allow the spouse of overseas active service member to vote electronically X
HB4203 Prohibits the sale firearms to a person under 21 yrs. old, changed from 18 years old.
HB4198 Prohibits open carry of firearms in a local unit of government
HB4156 Agreement among States to elect the President by national popular vote, not electoral college
HB4149 Prohibits firearms in all buildings owned or leased by the State
HB4130   Intimidating an election official or preventing them from doing their job would be a felony X
HB4128 Prohibits a firearm 100 ft from an absentee counting board while ballots are being counted X
HB4127 Prohibits a firearm 100 ft of polling place; prohibits a firearm for 40 days before election at a drop box X
HB4106 Removes physician and adds health care professionals performing abortions
HB4087 Allows a homeless or runaway youth access to health care without parental consent
HB4085 Provides shelter for a homeless or runaway youth  for up to 72 hours without parental consent X
HB4029 Statewide presidential primary election must be conducted on Feb. 27, 2024, 4th Tues. in Feb.
HB5334 Provides for firearm safety instruction in grade 6 through 12.
HB5330 Required the notification to the parents or legal guardians of any long-term impact decision made by or on the behalf of a child.
HB5324 Prohibits the purchasing or state procurement of electric motor vehicles made with forced labor or oppressive child labor.
HB5323 Prohibits the department or state agency from entering into a contract to acquire solar panels or components of solar panels, if oppressive child labor is used in their production or mining of components. Tie Bar with HB5325
HB5322 Prohibits Michigan Strategy Fund from providing a grant, loan, or other economic assistance for a project that utilizes forced labor.
HB5311 Modify the Public service commission terms and increase the size from three to five, the last two appointments are recommended by the speaker of the House of Representative and the Senate Majority Leader.
HB5310 Prohibits the awarding of contracts to financial institutions that refuse to do business with certain persons ie firearms dealers.
HB5297 Required to report general appropriation bills for the upcoming fiscal year no later than 90 days after the first day of regular session
HB5296 MCL may not be amended by an appropriation bill. Other legislative rules regarding the timing and distributing of the appropriation bills before any votes take place.
Bill No. Bill Description Status
HR 0521 Censure Adam Schiff  
HR 5164 To amend title 5 of the United Sates Code to require certain financial disclosures regarding all children of the President and the Vice President, and for other purposes.
HR 5179 To require the maintenance of the country of origin markings for imported goods produced in the West Bank or Gaza and for other purposes
HR 5178 To the direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to investigate and remove aliens providing false information about drug related grounds of inadmissibility CTA-UH
HR 5173 To apply the Freedom of Information Act to actions and decisions of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for communications and information in carrying out of the broadband equity access and deployment program
HR 5172 To amend the consolidated farm and rural development Act to reduce the eligibility requirement for the direct farm realestate loans, and for other purposes
HR 5168 To authorize the President to award the Medal of Honor to Joseph M. Perez for acts of valor while serving as a member of the Army during Vietnam War
HR 5165 To amend Title 19 of the Social Security Act to allow states more flexibility with respect to using contractors to make eligibility determinations and redeterminations on behalf of the state Medicaid Plan and for other purposes
HR 4563 To promote election integrity, voter confidence, and faith in elections by removing Federal impediments to, equipping States with tools for, and establishing voluntary considerations to support effective State administration of Federal elections, improving election administration in the District of Columbia, improving the effectiveness of military voting programs, enhancing election security, and protecting political speech, and for other purposes.
HR 4267 To Protect Our Civil Liberties Act (Repeal the USA Patriot Act Indefinitely) CTA - UH
HR 5948 To terminate the Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the Executive Office of the President and prohibit the establishment of any similar successor office CTA-UH
HR 5349 To develop and disseminate a civic education curriculum and oral history resources regarding certain political ideologies
HR 25 To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.