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The St. Clair County Republican Party represents the interests and purposes of its members in St. Clair County, Michigan. Our goal is to bring the values, concerns and ideas of like-minded residents of St. Clair County to effect our government locally and to shape the Republican Party’s impact on government at the state and national levels. Towards this end, we are committed to the development of a sound conservative platform and helping to identify, promote and elect candidates committed to the same.

St Clair County Republican Party supports Shane Hernandez for Congress. St Clair County Republican Party has known Shane Hernandez as a true conservative. He has a history of SCCGOP party leadership including serving as Chairman. We have worked with him and we know him. We know his values are centered on God, Family and Country. After he was elected to the State House of Representatives, he stayed true to his promises. He always stayed connected to his community as well as local party activities. He listens to our concerns. Shows up at our meetings and provides updates. He has helped many of his constituents locally in his district.

Most recently, he has helped hundreds with the Covid mess related to the Michigan unemployment system. Countless other residents have benefited from Shane taking the time to care about their concerns. Shane’s leadership as State House Appropriations Chair has made us all proud. He battled with the Governor on spending and fought and won against her gas tax increase. Shane is the only candidate with an actual voting record. We know how he votes. He votes as a conservative. To continue the great work of Congressman Mitchell in the MI-10th Shane is the only choice. We know how he votes, we know he will show up and we know he will get involved too help when called upon. Show your support for the only true conservative and Republican in this race VOTE for Shane August 4th. May God Bless Shane, Renee and their girls.

Robert Eick, Chairman SCCGOP

Volunteer at our Victory Center located at 5155 Lapeer, Kimball MI 48074

Contact: Helen Hermes  to get involved 810.984.4771

Field Organizer at Michigan Republican Party

St. Clair County Rep:

Casey Armitage
Email her: to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Campaign Signs

Signs are offered by individual campaigns. Local candidates usually make their signs available to the county party closer to their election cycles.

The official President Trump Campaign website is here. You can find signs and any upcoming events on that website as his campaign is run at the national level.

Monthly Meeting
July 6, 2020

Hello all,

Earlier this year we made the decision to move the LDD due to Covid19 restrictions. We then selected an alternative date of July 30, 2020 hoping we would have returned to our normal lives. Unfortunately, the Covid19 effects have lingered longer than anticipated.

At this point, less than a month from the dinner, we have simply experienced very low-ticket sales and event booklet ad interest. Based on this insufficient activity, the decision has been made to postpone the 2020 LDD and move our St Clair County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner to Spring of 2021. I have spoken with Solitude Links and they have April 16, 2021 open. Any ads or tickets already purchased will be honored on the new date.
The lasting effects of the last several months have been difficult to measure. While some of us have more quickly adjusting back to near normal, others are still concerned. It is important to appreciate the various positions within our organization.

Thank you all for your understanding. Continue to pray for a quick ending of this unprecedented event. Continue to pray for President Trump’s re-election and his leadership. Pray for Michigan’s Senate and House Leadership that our Legislators continue to focus on effective measured actions. Pray for the Governor, hopefully she finds wisdom in making better decisions for all of Michigan.

God Bless every one of you and your families.
Bob Eick, Chairman SCCGOP

Monthly Meeting

Upcoming Meeting

Monday June 1, 6:30PM SCCGOP Regular Executive Committee Board Meeting

This monthly meeting will be done via Zoom (check your email) or email Renee Hernandez at:

The Public is welcome to attend. While motions and voting are restricted to the members of the Executive Committee, we welcome participation and input from our guests and members as we work through our agenda. Oftentimes, we will have elected officials or their representatives present and they keep us informed of developments in Washington, Lansing or on local issues.


Our Local Platform

We believe in electing representatives with high moral character, who will protect:

  • the sanctity of life from conception to natural death
  • individual liberty
  • private property

We believe in supporting our elected Republican officials, helping them fight for conservative values, in the following manner:

  • to write letters to the editor, supporting conservative legislation and officials who stand behind that legislation
  • to contact elected officials, voice our opinion on pending legislation, and support the conservative vote
  • to support forums that encourage dialogue between elected Republicans and local citizens

We believe in equality under the law

We believe that free enterprise and limited taxation, together with individual initiative, have brought, and will continue to bring opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity to our nation.

We believe the Second Amendment should be firmly upheld, by all citizens and elected officials.

We believe in fiscal responsibility and eliminating unconstitutional spending.

We believe in assisting the cities and townships of St. Clair County to:

  • pass regulations and ordinances that do not infringe on our Constitutional rights
  • protect our borders from the infiltration of criminals into our country
  • keep our waterways clean and protected

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Regular Executive Committee Board Meetings are held at 6:30 PM the first Monday of each month at the 1st Floor Dodge Auditorium of the St. Clair County Admin Building, 200 Grand River Ave, Port Huron, MI 48060

The Public is welcome to attend. While motions and voting are restricted to the members of the Executive Committee, we welcome participation and input from our guests and members as we work through our agenda. Oftentimes, we will have elected officials or their representatives present and they keep us informed of developments in Washington, Lansing or on local issues.

Join our email list to find get meeting notices, information about our annual fall picnic, meet the candidate events, our annual Lincoln Day Dinner, and the many opportunities to volunteer for St. Clair County Republican Party.

Our Executive Committee

Bob Eick

Bob Eick

Email Bob
Kellie Lauwers

Kellie Lauwers
Vice Chair

Email Kellie
Renee Hernandez

Renee Hernandez

Email Renee
Jeff Pemberton

Jeremiah May

Email Jeremiah
County Clerk Jay DeBoyer
Prosecutor Michael Wendling
Treasurer Kelly Roberts-Burnett
Sheriff Timothy Donnellon
Surveyor Stephen Bruen
Drain Commissioner Robert Wiley
Commissioner District #1 Greg McConnell
Commissioner District #2 Karl Tomion
Commissioner District #4 Duke Dunn
Commissioner District #5 Jeff Bohm
Commissioner District #6 Dave Rushing
Commissioner District #7 Bill Gratopp
32nd District State Representative Pamela Hornberger
81st District State Representative Gary Eisen
83rd District State Representative Shane Hernandez
25th District State Senator Dan Lauwers
Eric Binkley
Ron Burcham
David Carr
Dorothy Carr
Dominic Jakubowski
Joseph Forth
Lorraine Frendt
Michaela Klusman
Jeff Pemberton
Carol Seaver
Tom Seaver
Helen Hermes
Jeremiah May
Renee Hernandez
Kellie Lauwers
Bob Eick

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