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Elected Officials

Our Executive Committee
Helen Hermes
Tim Keller
Cathy Capone
Dick Matzka
Gary Smith

Elected Officials Serving You
Lisa McLean
US 10th District Representative

Dan Lauwers
25th District Senator

Pamela Hornberger
32nd District Representative

8Gary Eisen
1st District Representative

Andrew Beeler
83rd District Representative:
St Clair County Commissioners
District #1 Greg McConnell
District #2 Jorja Baldwin
District #3 Lisa Beedon
District #4 Duke Dunn
District #5 Jeff Bohm
District #6 Dave Rushing
District #7 Dave Vandenbossche

St Clair County Building
Suite 203
Phone: 810-989-6900
Fax: 810-985-3463
Other Elected Officials
Country Clerk: Jay DeBoyer
County Sheriff: Matt King
Drain Commissioner: Robert Wiley
Prosecuting Attorney: Mike Wendling
Treasurer: Kelly Roberts-Burnett

St Clair County Building
200 Grand River
Port Huron, MI 48060

St Clair County Court Building
201 McMorran Boulevard
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

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